Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap 2020

About HICA

HICA Group are a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation providing a range of care services to older people and people with learning difficulties,including residential and nursing care, domiciliary homecare, assisted living, and extra care schemes in partnership with local authorities.

Whilst the HICA Group operates across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Lancashire regions our business is separated into two entities: Humberside Independent Care Association (HICA) and Oakbridge Retirement Village Ltd. This Gender Pay analysis represents HICA.

Our Gender Pay Gap Results

Women’s mean hourly rate is 7.2% higher than men’s. Here is a little background information:

•As typical within the care sector we have strong female representation throughout our workforce; from our Care Workers through to our Senior Management Team.

•We have seen structural changes at an executive level which is responsible for the reduction in the pay gap from 2017 to 2018.

•Our pay structure for core roles in our lower bands is gender neutral: men and women in the same roles earn the same hourly rate. Given the high proportion of operational roles within our business with colleagues on the same hourly rate, our Median Pay Gap is therefore 0%.

•Within our management team, whilst some colleagues may have equal job titles, their levels of responsibility may not equate due to the size and complexity of our different services therefore pay rates will vary but are based on responsibility and experience rather than any personal characteristic.

•HICA’s reward strategies do not include the payment of bonus at any level therefore our Bonus Pay Gap is 0%.

I can confirm the information and data reported is accurate as of the snapshot date of 5 April 2020.

Terry Peel, Chief Executive Office