Nursing Services

Nursing care at HICA offers older people living within a residential care environment access to nursing 24 hours a day. Nursing care is ideal for those who require ongoing medical support. HICA nursing homes are fully equipped and designed to support those with nursing care needs to get the most out of life.

We provide care and friendship for residents within attractively designed environments that are set up to provide care and support all in one place regardless of changing needs. Our goal is to make sure each resident gets the most out of every day whilst enjoying a sociable atmosphere where you can feel truly at home.

Registered nurses and Nursing Associates and are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our focus on personalised care plans and communication helps to promote continuity of care, leading to more positive outcomes. Highly experienced teams will partner with residents, their family and their doctor to coordinate a care plan that meets their specific needs and enhances their independence. Residents will also benefit from innovative activities that improve wellness on many levels — physical, cognitive, emotional, and social.

Working as a Nurse for HICA

Working within our nursing care homes, our valued nurses are responsible for leading on the clinical care and well-being of residents. They make quick judgements and decisions and and use their clinical skills and knowledge to assess residents’ conditions – acting at all times as an autonomous practitioner.

As well as possessing excellent clinical skills, our nurses need to have great communication skills, and be a team worker, motivator and problem solver. They demonstrate a collaborative approach to reviewing and developing care plans with residents, and a passion for building strong relationships of trust with residents, their families and fellow colleagues.

In April 2022 we were proud to launch our new Nursing Portfolio. The portfolio is a part of HICA’s commitment to support nurses to celebrate their accomplishments, to support active engagement in self-assessment, to enable reflection of their professional careers, and creation of future learning goals, which HICA will support.

The Portfolios are a significant resource for our Nurses to showcase competence and practice improvements, with toolkits demonstrating abilities and the insight gained through reflection and reflective practice.

If you haven’t worked in a nursing care home before, prepare to be surprised at the complexity of nursing you’ll undertake, the importance of strong teamwork and, above all, the rewarding nature of the role.

Our Nursing Homes