Apetito have been our catering partners for the past 10 years. Their care home meals are packed with quality and nutritious ingredients and are created by in-house chefs and dietitians, guaranteeing they’re as delicious as they are nourishing. They also provide an extensive texture modified range which helps people with swallowing difficulties enjoy mealtimes again. Each meal is carefully prepared to provide the nutrients they need in portion sizes and textures that suit their needs.
Oomph Wellness are the UK’s leading company providing wellbeing services for older people. Through our partnership with them each of our services have access to their Oomph on Demand platform. This incorporates everything from video content tailored to care home residents, to virtual exercise classes, history documentaries and a wealth of resources and training for staff. The platform can be accessed through activity tablets or interactive tables in the homes for group activities. Residents will also be able to access the content on their own devices or the home’s devices at a time that suits them.
Our partnership with Hull Dance aims to bring exciting, engaging and enjoyable movement activities into our homes. The ‘Wellness Through Movement” programme gives our Activity Coordinators the ability to cater for all manner of physical and cognitive abilities. This also enables them to judge body language in order to engage more fully with each individual leading to enhanced health and wellbeing.
The One Point are our chosen suppliers of technology and I.T. Support who ensure that our computerised systems are current and fit for purpose, giving us the best possible infrastructure to enable us to provide a quality service.
Our partnership with the ‘not for profit’ HEY Crecdit Union offers all of our employees access to to a wage-based savings scheme as well as offering responsible loans all of which in turn helps employees to improve financial sustainabiltiy.