Autism & Aspergers Support

Autism Spectrum Conditions are lifelong developmental disabilities. The word spectrum is used because while all people with different diagnoses (Autism, Asperger Syndrome) share 3 main areas of difficulty, their condition will affect them in very many different ways.
Our support services are person-centred and all our support takes into account peoples needs and desires and as such ensures we can support peoples varying needs both for healthcare and social care.

Staff teams are trained in the understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions and within the organisation we have subject matter experts who develop training and coach staff working with peoples varying needs.
We have great experience of supporting people who have a diagnosis or who have been identified as being on the Autism Spectrum, and we have a good understanding of the key areas of support and the TRIAD of Impairments. However we also recognise that supporting a person with Autism is about more than simply understanding the TRIAD. We work with individuals and significant others to assess and recognise their individuality and how a person’s diagnosis affects them and we work together to ensure a truly personalised and effective support.
All our support locations and services are accessible to people with Autism Conditions.

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