Dementia services

We deliver an award-winning dementia care service that recognises the very specific and individual needs of the person living with a dementia. Our homes offer a highly purpose-designed environment that minimises confusion, maximises independence and enhances well-being.

Some of the many features and benefits of our dementia service include:

  • a care plan tailored to meet the support needs and personal choices of the individual
  • care home environments designed to make living with dementia less confusing, safer and more empowering
  • a service which aims to deliver independence, well-being, fulfillment and improvement
  • staff, across all disciplines, trained in dementia
  • broad range of activities geared around inclusion, independence and enjoyment
  • an emphasis on the differing nutrition and hydration needs of someone with dementia
  • on-going consultation with experts, including the Alzheimer’s Society
  • the services of a Locksmith to help unlock memories, enhance independence and boost self-confidence

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