Residential services

Residential care and support is provided in comfortable, well-equipped environments beautifully designed to create a homely atmosphere with a strong emphasis on making life fulfilling and enjoyable.

Careful design elements make every home safe and secure without feeling clinical. Lifts, level access, emergency call systems, clear signposting, mobility aids and an ever-present care team are all part of this policy, but be assured that we also fully comply with all health & safety legislation.

Whilst we make sure physical care needs are a top priority at all times, we also champion the need for supporting service users’ social needs. This is achieved in many ways, but a key component is our emphasis on activities. Fun and companionship are the mainstays of happiness and we know that a sing-along or a day trip can make a huge difference. As well as organising and delivering an extensive activities calendar our Activity Coordinators undertake specialist training to become certified certified FABS Intructors. This training gives them not only the skills to be a specialised fitness instructor for older people but also instructs on how to motivate and empower the people in their classes.

HICA uphold a strong commitment to constantly improving standards across all areas of the care home. This is reflected in our excellent CQC reports and encouraged by our ‘Shine Philosophy’ of continued improvement and the pledge to ‘make a difference’.

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